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How Our Process Works

Our Process

Here’s how our process works:

  • FREE Evaluation
    First we listen to your needs and seek to understand your goals. You provide a copy of your most recent electric bill, and we estimate the savings based on your available solar access.  
  • Engineering: A perfect-fit custom system
    From all the solar designs we could suggest, we offer good, better, and best designs that make sense specifically for you. You can compare designs in terms of aesthetics, energy production, cost, and warranty coverage protecting your long-term investment.
  • Economics & Financing: The cost of your custom solar arrays is always fair.
    From the get-go, you know what you’ll pay for and how much it will save you through the years. With Prospect no matter how you choose finance; Installing a quality solar array will increase your property value and deliver savings. We offer 0% down financing  and if you qualify it may not add a penny to your currently monthly costs.
  • Installation: Prompt and Professional.
    Your work is done by our in-house professionals with genuine expertise in solar, electrical, roofing and construction, and with a true passion for what our work means to clients and future generations.
  • Monitoring: A user-friendly experience monitoring your systems performance gives you the peace of mind knowing it’s performing as specified. We offer a variety of monitoring solutions from basic inverter level output, to individual load monitoring and control through an app on your phone.

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